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  • commented on Scientist Discovers She’s also an Artist 2017-07-26 22:00:02 -0400
    I can relate to your story on many levels. I started taking jewelry/metalsmithing classes 6 months after the death of my husband of 39 years. I was always drawn to the arts and have always had a vein of creativity pulsing through me. The first class I took was very therapeutic for me. I could lose myself in the feel and movement if the metal and not think if anything else in my life. Now, after two full years of classes, I feel very much a part of the community of the Indianapolis Art Center. I’ve meet wonderful men and women who are supportive of each other and forthcoming with their friendship and helpfulness. Being apart of the IAC community had made a very big impact on my life and I am ever grateful. What a difference IAC has made in my life!