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  • donated 2019-09-09 12:33:18 -0400

    One-Time Donation

    Donations are critical to the Indianapolis Art Center, and they ensure that people from across our community will have access to quality arts programs and exhibitions. Please consider a tax-deductible gift in any amount.

    Your contribution this year helps to:

    • Maintain and improve 11 state-of-the-art studios, offering 750 classes to 4,500 students of all ages and abilities
    • Present 40 contemporary art exhibitions showcasing the work of local artists, students, and faculty
    • Provide four award-winning outreach programs bringing art to 1,000 underserved youth
    • Create opportunities for 260,000 annual visitors to engage with beauty, creativity, and nature.

  • donated 2019-04-10 00:11:00 -0400

    Access Art - Art for All Fundraiser

    $14,683.55 raised
    GOAL: $14,683.55

    Update: 4/5/2019

    Thanks to the amazing support of this community, we have already reached our $10,000 goal! And we still have one more week to raise funds for Access Art scholarships. This is incredible news for our scholarship recipients, because we can now confirm that for every dollar raised, half will go directly to tuition assistance. 

    Every gift, no matter the size, helps more youth and adults participate in art. Let's keep this amazing success going! 


    "The scholarship program at the Art Center has changed my life. I've made friends and found a passion in my 'old age.' Art!!"

    "Because of my scholarship, I am now connected to a strong, supportive arts community, have endless inspiration and endless connections and resources for future projects even if I never take another art class here."

    The Access Art scholarship program at the Art Center changes lives; however, it often has to turn away students who apply for scholarships, simply due to a lack of funds. 

    The average cost of a scholarship is $320; with a gift in that amount, you can open a new door in someone’s life. You never know who you will be helping: it could be a young student wanting to pursue their artistic dreams, a talented artist without the resources to create on their own, or a veteran or community member whose art helps them work through past trauma.

    If we reach our $10,000 goal, $5,000 will fund tuition assistance for youth and adults who would not otherwise be able to take classes at the Art Center. The other $5,000 will support the Art Center’s overall studios, classes, and programs. We must reach the $10,000 mark by April 12, 2019 to designate funds to scholarships—and you can help make this happen.

    If you believe that all members of our community deserve to experience art-making and to tell their stories, without limitations caused by financial, medical, or other personal concerns, we ask you to consider supporting this goal today.

    For more information about the Art Center’s Access Art Tuition Assistance program, please click here.