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ArtTroop Fundraiser

ArtTroop Fundraiser

“…ArtTroop can provide us with a safe space to share our own struggles, and I hope that we can all discover some personal strength that we may have forgotten that we each have.”

-ArtTroop applicant


Building on the tradition of the Art Center’s annual Veterans Art Day, we are proud to offer ArtTroop.

ArtTroop is a free bi-monthly art class that meets from January – October of each year. ArtTroop empowers military veterans and active service members by telling their stories through art making. Participants of this program have been building their existing artistic skills and learning new skills in a variety of art media.

ArtTroop empowers military veterans and active service members by telling their stories through art making. By way of discussion, close collaboration, and a creative outlook, ArtTroop has developed a group of dedicated students who have created strong connections to one another and to the Art Center.

Programs like ArtTroop are at the core of the Indianapolis Art Center’s mission. To make this program accessible, all materials and equipment are provided at no cost to the students—which means the future of ArtTroop relies on your donations.

Just within its first year, the ArtTroop students have formed a strong sense of community within their classroom by supporting one another in their efforts to create artwork. With the theme of “evolution” in mind, their annual exhibition, this year entitled ArtTroop: Transformance, explores how the creative process can express the progression of triumphs, hardships, and community that come with being a military veteran.

We are pushing ourselves to raise $15,000 this year:

  • $12,000 in order to fund materials for ArtTroop for the next three years, which will allow us to expand the program to 15 students
  • $3,000 to support the Art Center’s overall studios, classes, and programs

Any funds raised beyond the goal will go back to the Art Center, supporting the area of greatest need.

We must raise $15,000 by December 1, 2019. Donate online today by filling out the form to the left, or mail in a donation to:

Indianapolis Art Center
Attn: ArtTroop Fundraiser
820 E 67th St, Indianapolis IN 46220


See how ArtTroop has impacted its participants:


Daniel Stanley

My pieces are reconstructions and fusions of dreams, daydreams, and personal visualizations of themes at the edges of my mainstream experience and consciousness. My group of works are combinations of my favorite working media, including graphic arts, photography, printing, and drawing. The goal was to create a seamless fusion of the media into the current images, taking advantage of strengths that each of the types have to offer.

As the finished images are collections of fragments, they represent a journey much like the visual experiences I have while day dreaming. The various completed compositions are tied together by the reoccurring motif of nine spheres in phases that represent transitional evolutions.

Creating these works constituted an ongoing internal dialog in the graphic domain as a means of documenting the flashes of symbolic events that came to mind as part of each collective image. Each successive piece is also part of an ongoing lesson in developing visual conversational skills, and finding connections that can be progressed into future works.



Shattered Poppies

For the ArtTroop exhibition I chose to work in various mediums but within a single unified theme of the poppy. Poppies symbolize military sacrifice, yet their bold color radiates a sense of hope. My artwork represents rebuilding, repairing and putting pieces and parts together to form a whole.

Shattered Poppies is a stained-glass mosaic. To me the mosaic represents making sense of broken pieces. Woven Poppies is a paper weaving in which I reclaimed military uniforms as art. The paper was handmade of uniforms worn by my husband, my son, and myself. This process of deconstructing and reconstructing is multilevel; used to create handmade paper from our uniforms as well as the tearing and weaving of the paper to create the finished product. This piece symbolizes the many levels of our intertwined and interwoven lives as family and as Soldiers. Copper Poppies is another play on the poppy theme. I used clay to sculpt and glaze the blossoms which were then affixed to reclaimed wood from my family farm. I like the interplay of the contrasts in the textures of the time and weather worn wood, the warm glow of the copper and the cool smoothness of the poppies. I used an assortment of various pieces that, when combined, form a whole.

“Making” is about much more than just the finished piece; to me the process itself is equally as important. When I’m working with my hands it allows me to retreat to a quieter, calmer mind and I become more at peace. It gives me a sense of purpose, control and meaning as well as bringing me balance and joy. It’s a healing process accomplishing much more than just the finished product.

My goal for this exhibit was to show that you can put “pieces” together in a way that forms a “whole”, much in the same way that after a traumatic experience, veterans piece their lives back together.


If you would like more information on how to apply for ArtTroop, please contact Nikki Sullivan, Outreach Programs Manager, at [email protected] or 317.255.2464 x 2220. Applications can also be found at Guest Services.


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Patrick_2.jpg Patrick Flaherty - Art Center President & Executive Director
Art is a remarkable tool for self-expression with immense benefits to personal wellness, but it is often marginalized as “inessential” or seen as something unattainable. Too many people think they are “not good enough,” but that is simply not true; artistic expression is a skill that can be developed like any other. No matter your age or experience, the Art Center provides a welcoming and nourishing environment to access incredible studios and instructors and to explore the creative process at your own pace and without judgement.  ...Click here to read more!
Heather Nuber Heather Nuber - ArtTroop Instructor
As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I have a special place in my heart for veterans. I have seen the physical and emotional toll military service takes on an individual. I also believe in the transformative and healing powers of art. It has been a gift to be the instructor of ArtTroop, to witness the artistic growth and expression of each student. But the greatest joy has come in hearing from students, and seeing firsthand, how being a part of this class has helped them on a deeper, emotional level.
...Click here to read more!
Alyson Walbridge Alyson Walbridge - Art Center Special Programs Manager
Through my own experiences at the Art Center (and throughout my life), I have witnessed the positive impact increased accessibility to the arts has on those who are in most need of it. Whether it's a spark of confidence an ArtReach student expresses during class or a joyous phone call from a scholarship student who received full tuition, I am constantly reminded of the impact the Art Center can have on one person. I support art for all so that I can continue to see these moments come to life and these individuals thrive because of it.  ...Click here to read more!

If you would like to share your story please contact, Kylie Kaspar, Individual Giving & Annual Fund Manager, at [email protected].