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Exhibition will be on display February 8–April 10, 2019


Join us for the opening reception of our Winter Exhibition Series, highlighting artists who push the boundaries of their expression in the paper medium.


Admission for the Winter Exhibition opening is free for all ages. Refreshments will be available for purchase throughout the evening inside the Art Center halls.




Kaylee Dalton: Lush

Dalton’s process involves many hours making numerous watermedia paintings and encaustic monotypes. Encaustic paint (hot wax) is directly applied onto an anodized aluminum plate heated on an electric griddle. A print is then pulled from it. Each monotype provides a sense of movement. Simultaneously, layers of watered down acrylic, gouache, ink and watercolors are poured on papers and plastic sheeting generating depth but also unplanned natural markings. Pieces of these monotype and papers are collaged with ink drawings and patterned textiles creating a whimsical and lush abstractions. She strives for strong textural contrasts reflective of the various surfaces found in nature and the differences in people.
Sarah M. Hurt Gallery




Mark Rospenda: Breathing Room

Since 2011, Mark Rospenda has been working on a project inspired by the Gubbio Studiolo (ca. 1478-1482), an intricate, wood-inlaid room on permanent exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. One of the Gubbio Studiolo's original functions was as an aid to associative thinking. Through inlaid paper drawings, cast paper objects and paper pulp, Rospenda has been imagining what might exist within his own, personal studiolo. The works on view in this exhibition are fragments of that space — moments within a stream of thinking and forgetting. 
Allen W. Clowes Gallery




Pushing Paper: Juried Group Exhibition

This juried group exhibition features 62 artists from around the country making innovative, nontraditional, and conceptual work around the medium of paper. Works were selected from over 400 entries, providing insight into the world of paper with unique and varied lenses. The artwork above is Vayu by Glenn Williams.


Marla the Model by John Manicke


John Manicke

John Manicke's interest in art has been a life-long pursuit, however, he did not take any formal classes in art until he was pursuing his Master's Degree in psychology at the University of Wisconsin. During his career as a Human Resource Manager with various companies, he continued his studies, while also entering competitions and art fairs. In 1990, John retired and began his classes with the Indianapolis Art Center. He has studied with Ellie Siskind, Jan Royce, Gregg Keutz, and the late Bill Ashby. He is a member of several artist organizations, including the Hoosier Salon, the Indianapolis Artists Club, the Indiana Heritage Arts, the Central Indiana Artist's Association, the Indianapolis Art Center and the Southside Art League. He has won 44 awards in the past 25 years.
Ruth Lilly Library






The Indianapolis Art Center’s Faculty Gallery in the Basile Studio Shop is an exhibition space dedicated exclusively to our current faculty members as an opportunity to showcase their talents and sell work directly to the public. Featuring work made by the very teaching artists that lead our educational and outreach programs, the Faculty Gallery features a wide array of mediums and price points.



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