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New Editions


New Editions looks to highlight contemporary takes on an age-old artistic medium. One of the appealing things about contemporary art is how is has evolved and grown from sometimes ancient artistic practices. We can see the 13th century roots of woodcut printing, for example, evolved into contemporary concept work like Emily Legleitner’s For Elizabeth or I know it’s bad. Andrea Klifmiller’s portraits, as well, utilize the same etching technique that Durer is so well known for. Even while using the technique for portraiture, the hand of a contemporary artist lends more conceptual atmosphere and light and dark contrasts than the realism and exactness of their 16th century counterparts. These mediums can also take on a new life when combined with contemporary mediums like video. Raluca Iunca’s Child’s Play combines the 18th century medium of lithography with a more contemporary stop motion animation.

The innovation and evolution of mediums is one of the reasons for longevity and timelessness we see throughout art history. This exhibition seeks to highlight not just an older medium in art but also show how it can still be relevant and accessible to audiences today.



Liz Wierzbicki

a(round) features video and sculptural work by Liz Wierzbicki that explores the phenomenon of the sun. Our perception and experience of the sun’s presence is cyclical and changes as we move in space and time. Likewise, Wierzbicki relates this phenomena to the functions of the mind: the birth of a new thought, reoccurring emotions, and the way our perceptual experiences are dependent on our physical placement and surroundings. The sounds present in (a)round are created in collaboration with composer and musician, David Dominique, of Richmond, Virginia. Liz Wierzbicki lives and works in Indianapolis. She received her BA in Mathematics and Fine Art from Augustana College and her MFA in Visual Art from Herron School of Art and Design. She teaches part time at Ivy Tech Community College and is a Co-founder and the Program Director at Cat Head Press: Printshop and Artist Cooperative.

Room 1
Video projection of Hypnosis and Post Hypnosis, sound by David Dominique, 2020 This way, neon, 2020, $2,000

Room 2
Video projection of Fever, sound by David Dominique, 2020
a round glow, video on tablet, led lights, 2021

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