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Into the Garden


Featuring over 50 works from over a dozen Indianapolis-based artists, the Indianapolis Art Center is excited to open its latest exhibition “Into the Garden” on August 14. As a curated collection focusing on the contemporary and innovative usage of traditional subject matters such as florals, gardens, and nature, this botanical themed exhibition spans all mediums and ages.

Running in tandem to this group exhibition is two solo exhibitions by Indianapolis artists Megan Jefferson and Graham Marshall.

Since receiving her BFA from Miami University in 1998, Megan Jefferson has been forever fascinated by the innately personal connection we individually have to color. Currently utilizing the ethereal pairing of wispy color washes and glossy layers of resin, each new painting to be shown in her exhibition entitled “Plant Path” ultimately captures a moment in time and space that speaks to both imaginative and real places. Describing the process of her work: “I let the process define the artwork and describe my working process as a dance and conversation. I place down some color, and as certain areas and shapes evolve I will “answer” those happenings with additive or subtractive methods. This dance continues until each painting feels right. The result is thoughtful, intuitive, spontaneous and reflective.”

Graham Marshall is a visual artist and maker who creates work around his love of the natural world. He is fueled by an intense need to explore and understand the verdant spaces we are rapidly losing to urbanization and climate change. In all aspects of his work Marshall seeks to reuse and repurpose materials in an effort to reduce waste and build an environmentally sustainable art making practice. Aptly titled “The Veil of Summer” Marshall’s collection of paintings and sculptures are an amalgamation of plants and experiences merging to create fantastical settings that invite the viewer into an unfamiliar but comforting space.


Like all of the Art Center's exhibitions, Into the Garden alongside the two solo artist exhibitions will be free and open to the public and will continue to be on display until September 29.

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The Indianapolis Art Center’s Faculty Gallery in the Frank M. Basile Studio Shop is an exhibition space dedicated exclusively to our current faculty members as an opportunity to showcase their talents and sell work directly to the public. Featuring work made by the very teaching artists that lead our educational and outreach programs, the Faculty Gallery features a wide array of mediums and price points.


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