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EIGHTEEN: Black Lives Matter

On Display until January 6, 2021


EIGHTEEN: Black Lives Matter is a group show featuring the 18 Indy-based, Black artists that created our city's Black Lives Matter mural on Indiana Avenue. From mural installation day on August 1, 2020, this group has shaped not only an incredible piece of art seen by thousands across the country but also an incredible bond. Each artist, varying in experience and medium, has contributed greatly to this initial show as a collective. EIGHTEEN: Black Lives Matter is the first exhibition of many featuring this group of talented local artists. It is the hope of the artists and the mural curators, that this art continues to amplify the message of the civil rights movement and the necessary role artists play in that effort.


Into the Garden

Homebound: Indy Creates

On Display October 9-November 18, 2020

Throughout art history, the home and domestic life therein has served as inspiration for artists. The 17th century saw a move away from religious focused art toward the everyday – an increase of depictions of the domestic. As genre painting (which depicted everyday life, activities, or people) became an esteemed art form, other movements also rose up to champion scenes that had been previously thought of as too mundane to be the subject of art. In the midst of a lockdown lifestyle, we see artists once again turning to their immediate surroundings to draw on as subject matter as well as reexamining how their artistic practices can continue outside of a formal studio environment.

Artistic approaches to the idea of being at home and our home lives can vary wildly – weaving contemporary threads with historic reference. In Madysen Koontz’s Household Artifacts series we see references to traditional still life painting but with a more familiar selection of household objects. Similar to Walter Sickert’s paintings of home life in early 20th century England, Liliana Guzman’s vignettes around the house use a modern medium of photography but capture a similar subject matter as we see her figure sitting at dining room tables or lying in bed.

We also can’t ignore how our surroundings and activities “at home” are informed by our community and larger societal issues. Kaila Austin’s Ad Memoriam II: McHale Rose, a portrait of the 19 year old who was fatally shot by police, recalls a long history of portrait paintings created as a reminder of what has been lost and a call to not forget. Barbara Hosein’s cut paper portrait of George Floyd lays on an open copy of Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be Anti-Racist in a piece titled When Black People are Hurting, White People Join Anti-Racist Book Clubs – calling on viewers to examine their own comfort and whether it is prized too highly. It is impossible not to acknowledge how our community struggles permeate our homes and daily lives.

Whether it is the quiet every day instances and objects of home life, the relatable frustration of feeling isolated, or a response to our community and the struggles therein, Homebound: Indy Creates seeks to highlight work that shows us a slice of life during an unprecedented time in our recent history.


Above Image: Detail of Dinnertime by Liliana Guzman




Weeds and Horizons by Elise Howell

On Display October 9-November 18, 2020


Elise Howell is an Indianapolis based artist and Drawing, Painting, Photo & Print Program Manager at the Indianapolis Art Center. As the most recent recipient of the Skip McKinney Faculty of the Year Award, Weeds and Horizons was born from Howell’s lifelong strive to make visible the space between psychological, spiritual, and physical experiences. From entertaining anthropomorphic interpretations to deciphering movements and energy, each brushstroke and mark contributes to this celebration and obliteration of the nature of nature itself.


Click HERE for a 360 virtual tour of Weeds and Horizons.


Above Image: Detail of Deep Breath by Elise Howell





Verses: A Poetry Inspired Exhibition by Taylor Bamgbose

On Display October 9-November 18, 2020


Taylor Bamgbose is a Wisconsin native and Indianapolis-based artist specializing in oil and acrylic figurative paintings. Winning “Best of Show” at last year’s Student Show, Bamgbose presents Verses: A Poetry Inspired Collection. Intended to paint the human experience and the realities of our external experiences and the inner world of our consciousness, Bamgbose’s provides a liberating environment for courageous vulnerability through a fiercely female lens.


Click HERE for a 360 virtual tour of Verses: A Poetry Inspired Exhibition


Above Image: Detail of Bending Over Backwards by Taylor Bamgbose


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