Spring Exhibition Series


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College Invitational

A national juried exhibition showcasing the artwork of currently enrolled college students who are seeking an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in any field of fine art and/or craft.


Artwork Above (Listed Clockwise):


Washroom Worries, Dustin Brinkman

Mourning Brooch 9, Rachel Andrea Davis

Cephalopod #1, Nick Hobbs

Vintage, Mary Sander





Liz Wierzbicki: bright, at this stage

“I work in video, performance and printmaking to create digital and physical collages. My process begins as an attempt to visualize a fleeting emotional state. The body and the sky are reoccurring visual elements I use to consider the material and immaterial self’s relationships to perceptual experiences. This digital residency showcases a series of collages where the body directly interacts with forms observed in the sky to echo the connections between emotions, the body, and perception.” - Liz Wierzbicki” 


Artwork Above:


Still from simulating feels: stand up, Liz Wierzbicki