The Indianapolis Art Center is launching an exhibition, EIGHTEEN: Black Lives Matter, to showcase the work of the 18 local artists who participated in painting a large-scale mural on Indiana Avenue as part of the movement for racial justice in August.

Opening Oct. 23 and running through early 2021, EIGHTEEEN will feature paintings, chalk work and digital design. Some of the artwork in the exhibition will be for sale at the Art Center, as well as online at the Art Center Marketplace. 


Mali Jeffers, an independent art consultant who represents the 18 artists, said, “Most of these artists did not know each other before coming together to create Indy’s Black Lives Matter mural. All of them are talented and deserving of attention in their own right, so we’re eager to put a spotlight on them individually through this exhibition.”


The participating artists and the Black Lives Matter letter or image they created and painted follow.




#: Jarrod Dortch 

B: Nathaniel Rhodes 

L: Rebecca Robinson 

A: Amiah Mims 

C: Billy Hoodoo 

K: Kevin West 

L: John G. Moore 

I: Gary Gee 

V: Deonna Craig 

E: Rae Parker 

S: Ess McKee 

M: Wavy Blayne 

A: Harriet Watson 


T: Israel Solomon 

E: Shamira Wilson  

R: Ashley Nora 

Fist: Fingercreations 


“Throughout the ages, art has helped to examine issues, as well as provided an outlet to comment on society,” said Mark Williams, executive director of the Indianapolis Art Center. “We’re eager to showcase the work of these talented artists and help the community engage with them and relevant issues.” 


Entrance to the Art Center is free and open to the public.


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