PRINTMAKING : Discover the joy of multiple originals! The Art Center offers traditional methods of printmaking including woodcut, linocut, letterpress, intaglio, stone lithography and silkscreen as well as access to a darkroom with exposure units.

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Lines, Layers, Colors

Explore the basics of printmaking in a fun and creative new way! By combining printing techniques with other media like painting and collage, you’ll be able to explore realms of unthinkable possibilities and walk away with a beautifully layered work of art.

7 Weeks • October 20-December 1 10 am-1 pm • $309.00 • All LevelsKalleen Chilcote


Design + Print: Screen Printing

Get comfortable with Adobe Photoshop while learning traditional printmaking techniques! Students will use professional software to create digital designs, then bring those designs to the physical world through silkscreen printing.

7 Weeks • August 25-October 6 6:30-9:30 pm • $329.00 • All LevelsAren Straiger




Intro To Screen Printing

While screen printing may look intimidating at first, it’s way easier than it looks! In this class, our teaching artists will teach you the step-by-step basics of creating beautifully bold and colorfully crisp prints of your very own.

4 Weeks • November 4-November 25 10 am-Noon • $219.00 • All LevelsKalleen Chilcote


Intro To Copper Etching

Create beautiful drawings etched in copper! Known for its level of fine lines and beautiful tones, students will learn the art of etching copper plates and create their very own edition of handmade prints!

4 Weeks • September 30-October 21 10 am-Noon • $219.00 • All LevelsKalleen Chilcote




Print 2

Take your prints further with multi-colored prints and creative inking techniques. While working in a variety or print forms, student will practice mark making, explore new way to apply ink, and learn to register multiple-block prints.

7 Weeks • October 22-December 10 • 10 am-1 pm • $309.00 • Beginning • Kalleen Chilcote • No Class November 26



There’s a subtle beauty only lithography can produce! Walk step-by-step through the printmaking process -illustration, grinding, and printing - to create a beautiful edition of prints that can be shared.

7 Weeks • October 22-December 10 • 6:30-9:30 pm • $309.00 • All Levels • Kalleen Chilcote • No Class November 26




Independent Study: Print

Choose your own printmaking adventure! This is your chance to pursue an independent printmaking project in a positive, helpful space. Choose from a variety of techniques including relief, intaglio, and monoprint. The instructor will act as your guide as you refine your skills and discover new techniques.

15 Weeks • August 28-December 11 • 10 am-1 pm • $469.00 • Advanced • Kalleen Chilcote • No Class November 27




Intro To Print

Get a taste of what it’s like to be a printmaker! While creating your very own limited run of prints, students will get to explore various techniques and learn what the wide world of printmaking can offer.

4 Weeks • August 30-September 27 • 3-5 pm • $219.00 • All Levels • Kalleen Chilcote • No Class September 6


Mixed Media Prints

Let the creativity flow as you explore different mediums! Combine traditional printmaking with various mixed media techniques and materials to create wonderful works of art.

7 Weeks • October 18-December 6 • 3-6 pm • $309.00 • All Levels • Kalleen Chilcote • No Class November 29




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