Ryan Gothrup Returns to the Art Center

It's been 20 years since Ryan Gothrup took his first glass class at the Indianapolis Art Center and then went on to become an instructor. He now exhibits and sells his glass across the country. We are Excited to have Gothrup come back to the Art Center to teach a workshop April 7, 9 am-6 pm & April 8, Noon-6 pm, and do a free demo that is open to the public on Friday, April 6, 6-9 pm.




We asked Gothrup a few questions ahead of his visit:

Indianapolis Art Center: Can you describe your style for making glass?

Ryan Gothrup: My style changes often as I change my design lines. Currently I create a very simplistic line of wares that are both decorative and functional. My glasswork is definitely influenced by Italian glassmaking techniques. 

IAC: How did you become interested in glassblowing?

RG: I took a class at the Indianapolis Art Center because it sounded interesting and I guess it was a fit. The process of glassblowing  is very physical like a sport and it’s a very difficult medium to control. The physicality and the difficulty has challenged throughout my 20 year career. 

IAC: What is something that is uniquely American in glassblowing?

RG: There is not much that is purely American about glass making because the Italians and other countries were making glass for centuries before America was even born. The one thing Americans have contributed to the world of glassmaking is combining and mashing together all of the old world techniques and moving the medium forward in unique and innovative ways. 

IAC: What is something you enjoy teaching to people trying glassblowing for the first time?

RG: Honestly I just enjoy teaching period. Teaching the more advanced Glassblowing techniques is the most rewarding for me but I also thoroughly enjoy teaching beginners also. 

IAC: What are you looking forward to in your career?

RG: As for my own career, I just hope I can continue to support myself and my family doing something I enjoy. 



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