The Indianapolis Art Center’s Teen Art Council (TAC) is a free program for motivated, energetic, high-school-age youth who want to participate in visual art outside of the classroom and engage in the larger arts community in Indianapolis. TAC is the most student-driven of the Art Center’s outreach programs, providing advanced opportunities for youth who have already demonstrated a strong and ongoing interest in art. It is a supportive group for students ages 13 to 18 to get involved in Art Center events, exhibitions, and other special projects. Members of the Teen Art Council work with peers, professional artists, and Art Center staff to develop and deliver art projects and programs that engage teen audiences.



1. Increase artistic skills and ability for self-expression
2. Develop workspace, teambuilding, and leadership skills
3. Expand awareness of college and career opportunities
4. Participate in shared artistic experiences
5. Engage with and contribute to the IAC community


Click Here for the Teen Art Council Application Form

Email your completed form to [email protected], send in by mail, or drop off a printed copy to our Guest Services desk.


Youth art programs are powerful resources that play transformative roles in the lives of young students. Research repeatedly demonstrates the positive impact of the arts on overall student achievement and well-being. Exposure to the arts helps children develop a wide array of academic and social skills including creativity, perseverance, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. The Indianapolis Art Center's youth outreach programs provide young artists with high-quality instruction delivered by professional artists who encourage creative self-expression within a nurturing artistic community.


"This program gives my son a separate group of friends, different from the ones at school and home to be a part of. TAC has been the one constant in his life this year as he went through many changes. He has learned to step up and be a leader within the supportive framework of the teen council. Yes, it is also about art and he craves the creative outlet, but I think the socialization has been even more important to him."
—TAC Parent, 2019



TAC holds regular meetings at the Indianapolis Art Center during the school year. Teens who are interested in growing their artistic and leadership skills are encouraged to apply! Reach us at [email protected] or 317.255.2464 ext. 2370.