Why Does OneAmerica Sponsor the Art Fair?

Why does OneAmerica® sponsor the Broad Ripple Art Fair?

Jennifer Pittman, AVP of Community Affairs

We get that question a lot. 

You may know OneAmerica® best for our 38-story tower downtown or our iconic witty signboard. Bonus points go to those who know we’re not a bank (we provide life insurance, retirement services and employee benefits . . . but #notabank). So how does the OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair fit into the mission of a financial services company?

Art and the artists who create it matter to us because they make our hometown more vibrant!  We simply can’t imagine an Indianapolis devoid of creativity or artistic perspectives.  In celebration of those talents, our building is filled with the works of Hoosier artists that enhance our workspace and elevate our spirits.

Each spring, the OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair brings our community together on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center to highlight the creative current flowing throughout Indy. It’s a beautiful setting, a unique environment and an opportunity to encourage support and appreciation for our many artisans. BRAF also reminds us that we have much to celebrate in our city, because arts and culture are thriving here.

Our OneAmerica associates always rush to volunteer for this event, and this year, they wanted to play an expanded role. With some expert guidance from the Indianapolis Art Center staff, our team of financial professionals checked their spreadsheets at the door to create some beautiful original works. When you visit BRAF during the weekend of May 19th, we invite you stop by the OneAmerica tent and see what our team created.

Without question, connecting with art strengthens us as a community and as individuals.  For a company that’s been in Indy for more than 140 years, and plans to continue to grow here, community strength and spirit are paramount. For us, the OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair paints a picture of a strong, vibrant hometown for decades to come.  Come join us!


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