FUN FACT: The dog is the Indianapolis Art Center's Chinese zodiac animal (we were born in 1934) and 2018 is the year of the dog!

Here's a brief version of the origin story of the Chinese zodiac as it pertains to dogs:

A long time ago, the Jade Emperor was the master of all creations. Because he had never had the time to actually visit the Earth personally, he grew curious and decided to throw a party for all the animals in heaven. The cat, being the most handsome of all animals, asked his friend the rat to wake him up before the party. The rat was afraid of seeming unattractive next to the cat, so they left for the party without the cat. Thus the Rat is the first animal of the Chinese zodiac and cats and rats don't get along. 

Although dogs are pretty fast, according to myth, the dog was one of the last animals to arrive to the Emperor's zodiac party. The dog was off in a distant land helping a god defeat evil spirits-- not surprising considering dogs are loyal and reliable. They are the eleventh animal of the Chinese Zodiac. 

In China, it's popular to name dogs Wàng Cái (旺财), which means “prosperous wealth” and comes from dogs’ barking sounds (旺旺—wàng wàng).

Chinese New Year officially begins February 16 lasting through March 2. To celebrate this new year, we asked our faculty & staff to send us images of artwork inspired by their canine best friends: 



Pomeranian watercolor by studio chair Bianca Dudeck-Manity.



Monopoly dog game piece sculpture by student Jim Barnes.




"The Happy Dog" by instructor Addie Hirschten.




Cozy animals watercolor painting by instructor Martha Koen.



"Spoiled and Rotten" woodcut by student Lisa VanMeter.



"Graeci" by instructor Kalleen Chilcote.



"Chinook" by instructor Jacqueline Perry.



"Dog Face Boy" by studio chair Dan Fifer.



"Charlie and Ink" by instructor Katie Silver.



"Rudy & Kkoma" by instructor Soyong Partington.



"Westie" by payroll coordinator Kat Slauzis.



Charming doggy sculpture by instructor Alice Battas.


"Isabel, Sebastian" by 
Bob Zyromski, instructor. 

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